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A Kuchipudi presentation to Indo-Colonial melodies

Conceived and choreographed by Artistic Director Sarada Nori, the presentation intends to create a forum and bring about cross-cultural understanding by showcasing dances at the intersection of Kuchipudi dance, Carnatic classical music and cultural history. The South Indian composer Muthu Swami Dikshitaar (1775-1835) travelled extensively when the East India Company was expanding its holdings in India. Inspired by Western melodies, he composed songs with Sanskrit lyrics to Western tunes while still using a traditional Carnatic musical style. Sarada Nori and the Connecticut Historical Society’s (CHS) Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program (CCHAP) are partnering to bring this Kuchipudi dance presentation to the Connecticut Historical Society, The Buttonwood Tree, Artists for World Peace and Shri Shirdi Sai Temple.


Creation of this project is supported by funds from Connecticut Historical Society, Connecticut Humanities and Middletown Commission on Arts.

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